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The Chairperson and CEO, eWorldwide Group, Dr Salma Abbasi reveals her views and thoughts about sustainable development at the WSIS 2016 Platform, Geneva, Switzerland

Dr Salma Abbasi reveals her views and thoughts about sustainable development at the WSIS 2016 Platform, Geneva, Switzerland

https://www. ...

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The Chairperson and CEO, eWorldwide Group, Dr Salma Abbasi presented a Policy Statement at the High-Level Policy Session, UN ITU WSIS Summit in Geneva, Switzerland, 4th May 2016

In her statement she emphasized that ‘greater care is needed to ensure inclusion of the elderly and people with special needs in the ever expanding ...

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The eWorldwide group is organizing a thematic workshop on 'Acceleration of Girls Education and Rights to Ensure Sustainable Gender Empowerment through ICTs' at WSIS Forum, Geneva, Switzerland on 5th May 2016 at 3.00 pm to 4.30 pm

Description of the Session:

Knowledge, information and critical thinking are the basic foundations to enabl ...

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Group Overview

The e Worldwide Group (eWWG) is a specialist, independent Management Consultancy. Founded in 2001 and has established an excellent reputation for delivering independent, practical, value-for-money advice and consultancy and making a positive impact on our clients’ business. Working within an innovative business model that includes a consortium of 37 successful international companies and universities including some fortune 500 companies, eWWG is able to provide state of the art turnkey technology solutions, services, consultancy, skills development and training.
Our consultants have experience of working in a wide range of public and private sector organizations. This allows us to provide an industry-focused approach where each project is manned by individuals who have an in-depth understanding of the customer’s industry. We understand that each of our customer’s situation, environment and issues are unique and therefore we provide tailored solutions to address their specific needs. At eWWG we focus on a set of core areas of expertise that enable us to offer dedicated service to our clients. Our key strengths allow us to focus in the following areas:

The Chairperson and Founder of e Worldwide Group, Dr. Salma Abbasi with her vast professional experience and International network from public and private sector enable the group to access a diverse range of additional expertise as required.

The Advisory Board of eWWG comprises Senior Executives from the International Corporate sector and Government Advisors to Europe, Africa, South East Asia, Middle East and the United States.

The Executive Team of eWWG is comprised of a diverse group of experts from public and private sectors to efficiently and effectively steer the business operations of eWWG.

As a philanthropist, our chairperson personally champions the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work and has been involved in Social Work for nearly 3 decades. The focus is primarily; Gender Empowerment, Poverty alleviation through Income Generation, Entrepreneurship development, and children with special needs.

The e Worldwide Group has participated and contributed extensively at international Conferences i.e. ICT 4 All Forum- Tunis+3 conferences, UNESCO International Conference and Exhibition on Knowledge Parks, ITU Regional Workshop On ICT Applications for Rural Communication Development, The International Youth Forum, Re-Engineering Development etc as a participant, member and speaker. These conferences were organized by organizations like organized by UNESCO, ITU, GAID, UNCTAD, OCCAM etc.