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Dr Salma Abbasi, Chairperson and CEO, eWorldwide Group, delivered the keynote ‘Innovation 4.0’, during the opening session of the STEM and Creativity Fest. in Kaduna State, Nigeria. Dr Salma emphasized that there are huge diverse opportunities for youth from the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’, which are embedded in the innovations that are fusing and integrating the physical, digital and biological spheres. She also stressed the need for Governments, Educational and Financial Institutions to update their policies and practices to ensure that holistic enabling environments are created for ‘start-ups and entrepreneurs’ to evolve and flourish across all sectors, particularly across the Agriculture value chain in Africa.


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eWorldwide Group has successfully organized and delivered 4 innovative workshops during the STEM and Creativity Fest. on 26th - 27th June, 2019 in Kaduna State, Nigeria in collaboration with the ICT Hub

1. Introduction to Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Block Chain, What does it mean to you?

2. Innova ...

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Organized a dynamic and interactive thematic workshop on the growing global challenges of internet addiction – impact to the youth and a nation. A great debate with regulators from around the world on how regulations, policies and AI can be competently used to ensure balanced and safe engagement in digital space ...

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ICTs for Peace

  • Created and presented a concept paper for ICT for Peace for Suzanne Mubarak’s Cyber Peace Initiative – Egypt
  • Created a concept paper for the holistic Transformation of Madaris to create well balanced youth, holistically empowered to engage and benefit from the knowledge economy to drive Sustainable Social and Economic Development
  • Member of United Nation’s International Telecommunication Union (UN-ITU) High Level Experts Group (HLEG) for Security, which is working on defining national security strategies and policies for cyber crime and security, Geneva.
  • Created a concept paper for Child Online Protection (COP) initiative in partnership with International Telecommunication Union (UN-ITU).
  • Collaboration for launching the Child Online Protection (COP) initiative at the national level;
    • Collaboration with Federal Investigation Agency, Pakistan
    • Collaboration with Federal Ministry of Interior, Pakistan
    • Collaboration with Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Government.

ICTs for Socioeconomic Development

  • Formulated “e enablement” Strategies with UNDP, ADB, IDB ,UNESCO, UNCTAD & Governance in multiple sectors
  • Designed and created Gender empowerment initiatives in multiple countries (Pakistan, Nigeria, Iran, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Oman).
  • Develop framework for sustainable ICT Solutions through establishing DBICs at Kampala with UNIDO – Uganda
    • Consultancy for Achieving Productivity & Competitiveness
    • ICT Solutions for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Developed ICT Frameworks at a national level for Governments and International Organizations
    • Developed and implemented Projects in Governance, Public Administration and ICTs for entrepreneurship development and sustainable socioeconomic development for marginalized communities (Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan).
  • Presented concept paper for sustainable Telecentres definition for Gender Empowerment – Sweden
  • Designed practical models for Community Development in rural areas for socioeconomic development for Indus Motors – Pakistan;
    • Community Centre for women
    • Telemedicine Centres
  • MCTs for Africa in Collaboration with ITU
    • Created High level management framework for Multi Stakeholder Multi Sector partnerships for MCTs in Africa for UN-ITU, Geneva
  • Created High level management framework for Multi Stakeholder Multi Sector partnerships for MCTs in Africa for UN-ITU, Geneva
  • Designed the modernization through ICTs of a rural Clinic in Razzaqabad Goth – Pakistan
    • Conducted field assessment to identify the impact on local community
  • Created the roadmap and transformation model of Telemedicine Centers into Multipurpose Self Sustainable Telemedicine & Information Centres in rural Pakistan
  • Created and designed models for Multipurpose Community Telecentres focused on empowering women in Africa, ITU, Geneva
    • Assisted beneficiary countries to provide women the access to ICTs and Improve gender balance
    • Ensured the Integration of gender perspective in the community, commercialization and governance aspects.
  • Created and designed multiple models to ensure the MCTs’ sustainability through the development of country and sub-regional CSR strategies and partnerships (Africa and South Asia)
  • Established of a Technical vocational centre for women, Peshawar, Pakistan
    • Vocational centre where computer training courses are offered

Capacity Building

  • Collaborating with the President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) to conduct an ICT4D conference in Muzaffarabad, Mirpur and Kotli
  • Organized and Conducted the First International ICT4D Conference – Pakistan focusing on Sustainable Development through Income Generation and Gender Empowerment
    • 22 International ICT experts participated from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and UK
    • Participation of over over 200 university students from Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi
  • Conducted workshops for capacity building for ICT solutions and entrepreneurship development for SME’s in Uganda in partnership with the ICT Ministry, UNIDO and Microsoft.
  • Organized and conducted Pakistan’s first Women Leadership Forum (WLF) in December, 2002 to facilitate change and to support women start and run their own business – Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Collaborating with ITU to Publish Handbooks on Multi-Sector Partnerships for sustainable development
  • Collaborating with UN-GAID and the ITU to Publish Handbooks on Challenges and Barriers for women and ICTs
  • Collaborating with UNESCO to Publish a Handbook Practical applications of ICTs
  • Conducted workshops presenting “Easy to implement”
    • ICT solutions for gender empowerment
    • Poverty alleviation
    • Human resource development
  • Setting up Computer training & lab for Women
    • Opened a vocational centre where computer training courses are offered
    • Provide complete lab set up
  • Supporting Literacy and Basic Education model School Karachi – Pakistan
    • Donated complete lab equipment
    • Provide funds
  • Conducted the First International ICT4D Conference – Pakistan
    • International speakers were invited from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and UK
    • Focused on Sustainable Development through Income Generation and Gender Empowerment
    • Allow the marginalized people of Pakistan to use ICTs
    • Support the Government’s initiatives to meet the MDGs
  • Collaboration with ITU to Publish Handbooks on Multi-Sector Partnerships

Entrepreneurship Development

  • Created public private partnerships with the provincial Governments of Sindh and AJK in Pakistan with Toyota, Engro Chemicals, MCB Bank and Siemens to implement a series of community development projects and income generation projects for the poorest of the poor
  • Developed a framework and funded Entrepreneurship development initiatives for women in partnership with the Government (South East Asia and Africa)
    • Garment Stitching
    • Embroidery Centres
    • Knitting Centres
    • Catering Services
    • Computer training Centres
  • Partnered with Governments, Institutions and Private firms to create multiple strategies for funding, International partnerships, knowledge transfer, business development for Incubation Centres in:
    • Scotland & California USA (1980’s)
      • Silicon Glen, Scotland to Silicon Valley, California USA
      • Created Partnerships and identified “synergies” in multiple areas
      • Outsourcing Models
    • Ireland & California USA (1980’s)
      • IDA – Established manufacturing facilities and design centres
      • Created a training centre for technical and manufacturing knowledge transfer
      • Secured government grants and international trade benefits
      • Outsourcing and R&D
    • IST Isfahan, Iran (2004)
      • Industries Collaboration
      • Government Research
      • International regional Partnerships UAE
    • Isfahan, Iran (2002)
      • Government Grants
      • Local Industry Partnership
      • R & D
      • Regional Partners – UAE – DIC
    • Islamabad PAK & California USA (2005)
      • Government Grants
      • Outsourcing ( ERP Boom & Gloom)
      • R & D
      • Knowledge transfer in Networking applications


  • Researched and prepare country report for Morocco, UNDESA project on “Innovation in the public administration in the Euro – Mediterranean Region”
  • ICT Policy Effectiveness Study
    • Conducted a detailed analysis of ICT Policies across the world from a Gender perspective. The policies have been analyzed for the three main themes;
      • Gender Considerations
      • Policy Formulation Process
      • Policy Evaluation Process
  • Needs Assessment in Rural Areas – Pakistan
    • We have conducted detailed research including on ground situation analysis and needs assessment of the marginalized people in the rural areas of Sindh and Punjab to identify their critical needs for improving their standards of living and ensuring the socio economic development of Pakistan.
  • Sustainability of Telecentres
    • We have conducted a comprehensive research on different types of Telecentres working around the world to analyze their strengths, weaknesses and issues and critical success factors for sustainability.


  • Developed a concept to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates (MDG 4 and 5) by innovatively using ICT’s and mobile phones. This created multiple delivery mechanisms for knowledge transfer and awareness to public sector workers, schools and community at the grassroots level in urban and rural areas, endorsed by WHO.
  • Developed a holistic emergency action plan for the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) and multiple UN agencies to use the mobile technology to create a safety net for 500,000 pregnant women and newborns in flood relief camps in Pakistan.
  • Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA
  • Developed and Implemented eHealth Technology And Operational Framework
  • Implementation of EMR and EHR Technology (Electronic Medical Record/Electronic Health Record)
  • Reduce The Scale And Scope Of Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Risk Management Lifecycle And Remediation Framework
  • PCI-DSS Remediation
  • Security Event Management (SEM)
  • Created Task Force Technical and Business Delivery Teams
  • Defined Strategy and Direction
  • EXTENDENT, INC, San Francisco, CA
    • eHealth Software Products and Services
    • Management and Design of Program Office for implementation of eHealth technology
    • Created comprehensive HIPAA technology and services (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, US)
  • Health Systems Design Inc. (Purchased by Perot Systems), Oakland, CA
    • Customization and implementation of the commercial eHealth Diamond ERP suite (Enterprise Resource Planning)
    • Technology and functional product development of Diamond modules
  • Biocon
    • Provided the intranet portal solution based on its MOSS deployment accelerator (SonnetPORTAL)
    • Helped Biocon move all current Lotus Notes based applications and workflows addressing 16 different processes of the organization onto the MOSS platform
  • Ranbaxy (MOSS)
    • Developed a portal enabled customer care solution for tracking feedback and complaints from field. It included
      • Feedback and Complain Management
      • Document Management
      • Reports
      • Collaborative Features
  • Ezmed
    • Developed a software component that helped in building a portal application to establish doctor-patient connectivity that would help in providing health care information through the internet.
  • Blue Shield of California, San Francisco, CA
    • Backend Reporting Infrastructure Enterprise Data Warehouse
    • DASD’s Programs (Direct Access Storage Devices)
    • Mainframe to Client Server system modernization
  • GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
    • Developed a Remote Data Entry (RDE) system used during the clinical trial studies.

Special Needs

  • Establishing of Dyslexia Testing & Certification Centre – UAE
    • Provide professional resources to launch the center
    • Provide resources for local training and capacity building
    • Provide resources to create localized testing materials
    • Dyslexia self help groups
    • Dyslexia support awareness campaign
    • Dyslexia support and learning material for children
  • Secured funding for Ultrasonic Equipment for Dar-e-Sakoon – Pakistan
    • Provided ultrasonic equipment from Europe
    • Assisted the hospital to expand its services to support their needs
  • Secured funding for provision of Learning Materials for Era-e-Doo – Pakistan
    • Provided Braille books, special videos, toys and learning games for the children with varying degree of blindness from the Royal Blind Institute, London, UK
  • Secured funding for provision of Transport for School of Deaf , FESF – Pakistan
    • Provided with a minivan to solve their transportation problem
    • Supported the blind girls with limited means from Kachi Abadies
  • Secured funds for supporting Literacy and Basic Education, Model School Karachi – Pakistan
    • Donated complete lab equipment
    • Provided technical training for teachers to operate lab to train students.