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Dr Salma Abbasi, Chairperson and CEO, eWorldwide Group, delivered the keynote ‘Innovation 4.0’, during the opening session of the STEM and Creativity Fest. in Kaduna State, Nigeria. Dr Salma emphasized that there are huge diverse opportunities for youth from the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’, which are embedded in the innovations that are fusing and integrating the physical, digital and biological spheres. She also stressed the need for Governments, Educational and Financial Institutions to update their policies and practices to ensure that holistic enabling environments are created for ‘start-ups and entrepreneurs’ to evolve and flourish across all sectors, particularly across the Agriculture value chain in Africa.


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eWorldwide Group has successfully organized and delivered 4 innovative workshops during the STEM and Creativity Fest. on 26th - 27th June, 2019 in Kaduna State, Nigeria in collaboration with the ICT Hub

1. Introduction to Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Block Chain, What does it mean to you?

2. Innova ...

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Organized a dynamic and interactive thematic workshop on the growing global challenges of internet addiction – impact to the youth and a nation. A great debate with regulators from around the world on how regulations, policies and AI can be competently used to ensure balanced and safe engagement in digital space ...

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Integrated Solutions


Telecentres are being used as the most popular business models which are working successfully both in rural and urban areas with a diverse range of services.

Our extensive knowledge in this field enables us to provide expertise and consultancy for designing and establishing a telecentre, including detailed study of local needs, skill and capabilities of the local community, infrastructure requirements and human resource needs, funding options, for the successful implementation.

For every project we conduct thorough needs assessment to identify the needs of a particular area and based on our assessment we design a telecentre which is fully capable of addressing community needs and which will be adopted by the community.

  • Women Specific Telecentres
  • Agricultural Telecentres
  • Dairy telecentres
  • Husbandry Telecentres
  • Business Telecentres

Multi purpose Telecentres

A major objective of telecentres is to allow access to information and communication technologies to the underserved marginalized population and reduce the digital divide.

To fulfill the multiple needs of the community and ensure that every member of the society can benefit from the telecentre, it is essential to create multipurpose telecentres.

The vast experience and extensive knowledge of our ICT experts allows us to create strategies for the design and establishment of multipurpose telecentres including comprehensive needs assessment to analyze and indicate the critical needs of the community.

Vocational Training Centres

Skill development is the most effective way to reduce unemployment among the youth of developing countries. Vocational training refers to training the learners for careers or professions that are traditionally non academic and directly related to a trade or occupation.

We have created strategic alliances with world renowned Vocational training institutes and are capable of designing and establishing Vocational Training Centres including detailed study of local industry needs, skill and capabilities of the local community, infrastructure requirements and human resource needs, funding options, for the successful implementation of the Centres.

Telemedicine Centres

Telemedicine is the most effective solution to provide medical services available to the underserved marginalized communities without ant medical facility in the nearby vicinity.

Our extensive knowledge in this field enables us to provide expertise and consultancy for designing and establishing telemedicine Centres, including detailed study of communication methods, infrastructure requirements and human resource needs and funding options, for the successful implementation.

We can analyze and recommend the most reliable and cost effective communication solution for telemedicine along with complete project management for the deployment of the solutions at telemedicine sites.

Assistive Technology Centre (ATC)

We envision the creation and implementation of a first-of-its-kind Assistive Technology Centre (ATC) that from its inception is aware and cognizant of disabilities and special needs by type, by gender, by age and the assistive technologies to help address them.

We envision bringing together research, the latest assistive technology software/hardware products, the work to achieve international accreditation and certification, connection to international, local and regional communities and associations, the building of assistive technologies knowledge base and innovation through partnerships.

We envision the centre as a living laboratory where ideas are tested and solutions are developed in a hands-on, mocked-up clinical and social environment and from where appropriate and tested technologies can be deployed. A centre where new and advanced ideas are not lucky exceptions to the rule, but rather a centre where innovations rule the day as an integral part of operations and normal functioning.

The field for using assistive technology to enable people with disabilities and special needs is fairly broad and complex referring to the special requirements by gender, age, type of condition, severity levels, education levels, dexterity capabilities, cognitive abilities, etc. To effectively and positively impact and integrate people with disabilities and special needs into the society, a targeted centre of excellence approach can be instrumental. We recommend the creation of target-specific Centres of Excellence (COE) to address the major areas of disabilities and special needs;

  • Sensory Disorders
  • Cognitive Disorders
  • Mobility Disorders
  • Severely Disorders

We suggest the following guiding principles for ATC:

  • Inclusion – of interdisciplinary professionals, associations and organisations
  • Participation – from professionals and the community
  • Applied Technology – of practical and proven solutions
  • Innovation – in technology and process
  • Resource Hub – for the community and the region

Handbooks and User Manuals

We at e Worldwide specialize in creating easy to use and understand handbooks and user manuals for multiple purposes.

Telecentre Establishment

Design and establishment of sustainable Telecentres is a complex task. We specialize in creating easily understandable Handbooks and User manuals for telecentre creators and managers. We can create customized handbooks for establishing different types of telecentres including ways of conducting detailed needs assessment, infrastructure requirements, human resource requirements and securing funds for successful implementation of the telecentre.

Project Assessment and Evaluation

Project assessment and evaluation is a very important step for measuring the performance of any initiative. All ICT4D projects need to be carefully monitored to ensure that the desired objectives are achieved. We can create easily understandable handbooks and user manuals for critically analyzing and evaluating ICT4D projects.