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The eWorldwide Group will be Organizing a Thematic Workshop “Global and Local Women Technopreneurs; Journey to Success” at WSIS Forum, Geneva, Switzerland on 19th March 2018 at 13.15 – 14.00

Over the past two decades, there has been great debate amongst development practitioners, policy makers, development agencies and civil society for th ...

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Dr. Salma Abbasi will be Participant at World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), 19th March 2018

Dr. Salma Abbasi, Chairperson and CEO, eWWG will be participating as a Panelist at the workshop "Women in STEM as a business case for a better society ...

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The eWorldwide Group will be Organizing a Thematic Workshop “Practical Applications of ICTs Supporting Inclusion and Access to Information and Services, livelihoods for People with Disabilities” at WSIS Forum, Geneva, Switzerland on 23rd March 2018 at 11.00 am to 12.45 pm

Information Communication Technology (ICT) can play a tremendous role to provide access, information and inclusion of people with all types of disabil ...

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  1. Public Health
    • a. Control of environmental health risks
    • b. Policy design and implementation
    • c. Preventive health and nutrition
    • d. Control and regulation of infectious diseases
    • e. Accredited Training for healthcare practitioners
      • i. Administration
      • ii. Medical and Clinical staff
      • iii. Technicians
      • iv. Social workers
  2. e Health
    • a. Modern Technology
    • b. Emergency Control
    • c. Electronic imaging
    • d. Tele-health services
    • e. Remote Diagnostics
  3. Health Information Systems
    • a. Patient Record Management Systems
    • b. Security and compliance of Electronic Medical and Health Record systems
    • c. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) implementation and program management (Cerner and Epic)
    • d. Integration expertise (EMRs, lab, pharmacy, radiology, etc.)
    • e. ISO ICS 11 Certification
    • f. Healthcare informatics and data management
    • g. Provide leadership for the implementation of ICD 10 Codes and 5010 EDI standard protocol for electronic information exchange
  4. Telemedicine
    • a. Design, Implemented and operate ‘Video conferencing technologies’ in rural areas
    • b. Develop localized community based services
    • c. Develop sustainability models for rural tele-health
    • d. Provide technical training to healthcare practitioners
    • e. Capacity building for public healthcare providers (e.g. clinical, medical and general wellbeing)
    • f. Conduct field assessment to design value added service model for public and private healthcare service providers.
  5. Assistive Technologies
    • a. Designing and defining appropriate technologies for
      • i. Healthcare practitioners
      • ii. Improve quality of life
    • b. Develop and Host ‘knowledge hub and exchange’ for multi-disciplines
      • i. Sensory (vision, hearing, speech)
      • ii. Cognitive (ATDD, Autism, learning difficulties)
      • iii. Mobility (Wheelchair bound, assisted walking, orthopedic issues) Physical
      • iv. Severely disabled (mental, emotional, physical)
  6. Research
    • a. Implications of emerging technologies on health of children and youth
    • b. Data pattern analysis (longitudinal analytics)for outcome prediction