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Dr Salma Abbasi, Chairperson and CEO, eWorldwide Group, delivered the keynote ‘Innovation 4.0’, during the opening session of the STEM and Creativity Fest. in Kaduna State, Nigeria. Dr Salma emphasized that there are huge diverse opportunities for youth from the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’, which are embedded in the innovations that are fusing and integrating the physical, digital and biological spheres. She also stressed the need for Governments, Educational and Financial Institutions to update their policies and practices to ensure that holistic enabling environments are created for ‘start-ups and entrepreneurs’ to evolve and flourish across all sectors, particularly across the Agriculture value chain in Africa.


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eWorldwide Group has successfully organized and delivered 4 innovative workshops during the STEM and Creativity Fest. on 26th - 27th June, 2019 in Kaduna State, Nigeria in collaboration with the ICT Hub

1. Introduction to Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Block Chain, What does it mean to you?

2. Innova ...

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Organized a dynamic and interactive thematic workshop on the growing global challenges of internet addiction – impact to the youth and a nation. A great debate with regulators from around the world on how regulations, policies and AI can be competently used to ensure balanced and safe engagement in digital space ...

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  • World Health Organization, Geneva
    • Designed an ICT based model for addressing MDG 4 & 5 to prevent avoidable death
    • Created a M-Safety net model for emergency health care in Crisis situation for Pakistan in partnership with the NDMA
    • Designed a Mobile health system for capacity building in rural areas for infant and maternal health, supporting MDG 4 and 5
    • Integrated health systems for data collection and dissemination using SMS
  • Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre (JPMC), Pakistan
    • Designed, implemented and monitored 8 integrated telemedicine centers in the interior of Sindh( Pakistan)
    • Created a multi-sector partnership models for holistic sustainability
      • Agricultural sector
      • Chemical sector
      • Education sector
      • Ministry of Interior and National Security
    • Evaluated the quality of remote diagnosis and treatment
    • Provided policy guidelines for
      • Ministry of Health, IT, Social Services and Labour
  • Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA
    • Developed and Implemented eHealth Technology and Operational Framework
    • Implementation of EMR and EHR Technology (Electronic Medical Record/Electronic Health Record)
    • Lab and clinical systems implementations (Cerner and Epic)
    • Reduce The Scale And Scope Of Social Security Number (SSN)
    • Risk Management Lifecycle And Remediation Framework
    • PCI-DSS Remediation
    • Security Event Management (SEM)
    • Created Task Force Technical and Business Delivery Teams
    • Defined Strategy and Direction
    • Joint Commission Accreditation (37 hospitals, 531 medical centers)
    • Regulatory Compliance (HIPAA, ICD-10)
    • Imaging
    • Biomed device integration and security.
  • EXTENDENT, INC, San Francisco, CA
    • e Health Software Products and Services
    • Management and Design of Program Office for implementation of e Health technology
    • Created comprehensive HIPAA technology and services (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, US)
  • Blue Shield of California, San Francisco, CA
    • Backend Reporting Infrastructure Enterprise Data Warehouse
    • DASD’s Programs (Direct Access Storage Devices)
    • Mainframe to Client Server system modernization
    • Medical Case Management
    • Pharmacy Systems
    • Clinical and Lab Systems
  • GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
    • Developed a Remote Data Entry (RDE) system used during the clinical trial studies.
  • Health Systems Design Inc. (Purchased by Perot Systems), Oakland, CA
    • Customization and implementation of the commercial eHealth Diamond ERP suite (Enterprise Resource Planning)
    • Technology and functional product development of Diamond modules.
  • Biocon
    • Provided the intranet portal solution based on its MOSS deployment accelerator (SonnetPORTAL)
    • Helped Biocon move all current Lotus Notes based applications and workflows addressing 16 different processes of the organization onto the MOSS platform.
  • Ranbaxy (MOSS)
    • Developed a portal enabled customer care solution for tracking feedback and complaints from field. It included;
      • Feedback and Complain Management
      • Document Management
      • Reports
      • Collaborative Features
  • Ezmed
    • Developed a software component that helped in building a portal application to establish doctor-patient connectivity that would help in providing health care information through the internet.
  • North County’s Healthcare Centers
    • Instrumental in the implementation of a comprehensive EHR/EMR system and Practice Management System (PMS)