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Dr Salma Abbasi, Chairperson and CEO, eWorldwide Group, delivered the keynote ‘Innovation 4.0’, during the opening session of the STEM and Creativity Fest. in Kaduna State, Nigeria. Dr Salma emphasized that there are huge diverse opportunities for youth from the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’, which are embedded in the innovations that are fusing and integrating the physical, digital and biological spheres. She also stressed the need for Governments, Educational and Financial Institutions to update their policies and practices to ensure that holistic enabling environments are created for ‘start-ups and entrepreneurs’ to evolve and flourish across all sectors, particularly across the Agriculture value chain in Africa.


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eWorldwide Group has successfully organized and delivered 4 innovative workshops during the STEM and Creativity Fest. on 26th - 27th June, 2019 in Kaduna State, Nigeria in collaboration with the ICT Hub

1. Introduction to Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Block Chain, What does it mean to you?

2. Innova ...

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Organized a dynamic and interactive thematic workshop on the growing global challenges of internet addiction – impact to the youth and a nation. A great debate with regulators from around the world on how regulations, policies and AI can be competently used to ensure balanced and safe engagement in digital space ...

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The SENTINEL consultancy team consist of security experts, scholars and ex-military and law enforcement officers who have years of proven experience in security and resilience. This enables us to guarantee that we can cover each and every aspect of security to make any environment more resilient to the threat of terrorism and other unlawful acts.
We specialize in assessing and analyzing current security measures to identify vulnerabilities & risks, and make sound and relevant recommendations to assist in formulating security strategies for future decision making
Our core competencies lie in following areas:

  • Homeland Security (Land /Maritime /Aviation)
  • Counter Terrorism and Counter Intelligence
  • Planning and Policy Development
  • Strategic Asset & Facility Management
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Situation Analysis and Assessments
  • Disaster and Crisis Management
  • Risk Mitigation and Business Continuity
  • Civil Emergencies Management
  • Traffic Management and Analysis
  • Information Security
  • Cyber Security
  • Intelligent Building Management Systems
    • Project Management
    • System Design, Development and Integration
    • Emergency Management
    • Risk Mitigation and Business Continuity

Homeland Security (Land /Maritime /Aviation)

Homeland security aims to prevent terrorist attacks on a nation, reduce it’s vulnerability to terrorism, and minimize the damage and recover from attacks that do occur.

We utilize our extensive network of seasoned consultants to provide highly reputable personnel with proven skills that match the requirements of each assignment. We work cooperatively with our clients to identify the direction for enhancing local, regional and state capability and capacity to prevent, protect, respond to and recover from an event.
Our scope of homeland security includes:
Emergency preparedness and response (for both terrorism and natural disasters) including;

  • Emergency Management of police, fire, medical and volunteer personnel.
  • Volunteer medical, police, Emergency Management and fire personnel
  • Domestic intelligence activities
  • Critical infrastructure protection (Ports, Dams, Power plants , Government Buildings etc)
  • Border security ( land, air and maritime borders)
  • Bio defense
  • Detection of nuclear and radiological materials
  • Knowledge Transfer & Capacity building

Counter Terrorism and Counter Intelligence

Terrorism has become a global threat and every nation has to ensure that all the systems are in place to combat terrorism.
We offer a unique combination of public and private sector experience focused on major security issues. In addition to provide clients with a holistic view of the security risk they face, we aim at planning and outlining responsibilities, authorities and the mechanisms to prevent, or manage the acts of terrorism if they occur and their consequences.
Our experts are experienced in conducting exercises to help gain an understanding of the terrorist mind set and profile, to enable the greater preparedness and increase the capability of law enforcement agencies. We can also bring in decades of experience in:

  • Developing CT policies
  • Conducting Situation Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Developing SOPs
  • Developing Intra-Agencies cooperation
  • Conducting Scoping Exercise
  • Forming linkages for Capacity Building & knowledge Transfer

Planning and Policy Development

To secure a business/industry or a nation requires a comprehensive security strategy – as well as effective policies to reinforce the strategy.
SENTINEL has proven experience in strategy and policy making work with clients to assess their requirements, current security infrastructure and public behavior to develop a complete and adaptive security strategy that employs technology, people, processes, policies and procedures.
Our team of analysts and researchers are dedicated to research and understanding the latest security issues and challenges, and are well-versed in the innovative products and technologies that can support a strong security framework. We can design fully integrated and scalable strategies and provide on going support to our clients by continuously testing the security system for vulnerabilities and to make improvements and adjustments to the strategy as needed.

Strategic Asset & Facility Management

Most of assets have protection requirements, we can help you identify how much coverage you need and which products are best suited to your particular situation.
We can help manage your strategic assets and ensure their safety by designing a fool proof asset management system. Our experts can design any size of asset protection systems be it for oil refineries, power plants, Dams, Oil field or regular production plants and corporate assets.
Sentinel can assess the assets to determine their value and criticality to identify security measures that are commensurate to the level of criticality. The way in which we achieve this is by calculating the cost of loss, damage or replacement against the cost of insuring and security measures. Sentinel CTR can provide a cost effective bespoke solution that will clearly minimize the percentage of losses.

Supply Chain Security

With increased off shoring of manufacturing facilities, suppliers and the globalization of the world economies, supply chains are now spanning the globe as a matter of doing business. With this trend there is a real need to minimize the risks and loss by increasing and/or improving security measures of these vital supply chains.
We have the depth of experience in domestic and international supply chains that comes from providing security planning, designing, and implementing of complex security initiatives for major global private sector and government clients.
Our consultants can work with your team to:

  • Implement and enforce the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code),
  • Assist in acquiring clearance for C-TPAT (Customs and Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)
  • Track and monitor the integrity of cargo containers using technologies such as RFID and GPS.
  • Conduct Global or National Supply Chain Security Assessments (in-transit as well as stationary)
  • Conduct cargo loss vulnerability and assessment
  • Create Loss prevention Programs
  • Devise Crew member security plans
  • Create vessel specific security plan
  • Conduct Security audits of existing supply chain management system
  • Review and update ship security plans

Situation Analysis and Assessments

Analysis is the only way to gain complete knowledge about a threat or a situation. We can assist top management in informed decision making by providing them with on the ground real facts and figures. We have the right experts to conduct security operational audits and assessments for a situation analysis purpose.
Our team has a diverse range of experience spanning across corporate security to national security; we have worked with Governments and law enforcement agencies conducting situation analysis and scoping exercises to identify and manage potential threats.
We can work independently or with your team to perform a multidimensional situation analysis to identify the potential threats and to locate the problem areas.

Disaster and Crisis Management

It’s always advisable to define potential risks and plan beforehand to avoid any natural or man made disaster. A disaster could be the loss of information, break out of a fire, a flood or a terrorist attack etc.
We have Disaster Management experts from well reputed academic organizations who work closely with UK Government and Metropolitan police for disaster management and risk mitigation.
We can perform multidimensional risk analysis to define any possible risks and vulnerabilities to your business. Based on the exposures and threats we can devise policies & strategies to mitigate those risks and also design procedures to manage a disaster if one should occur.

Risk Mitigation and Business Continuity

We can guide and assist clients with their Business Continuity Plans (BCP) from inception to production. BCP ensures that you have a complete plan to recover from any disaster and that your business will not suffer from any mishaps. We can create logical plans for your company on how it will recover and restore partially or completely from interrupted critical functions that can jeopardize an organization’s future and sustainability.
Risk analysis is fundamental to the process of ensuring a sound business continuity plan. Understanding the potential impacts of major disaster scenarios, and establishing the risk management plan, is the first major step to ensure that the plan meets the real needs of the organization. For this purpose we can review and analyze your existing Business continuity plans to ensure that they are up to date and cover all potential risks/exposures/disasters and threats. These plans will give you a guarantee that critical functions of the company/town/city will recover within a predetermined time after a disaster or extended disruption.

Civil Emergencies Management

Emergency management is the discipline of dealing with and avoiding risks. It helps you to prepare, support, and rebuild society when natural or human-made disasters occur. In general, any emergency management is the continuous process by which all individuals, groups, and communities manage hazards to avoid or ameliorate the impact of disasters resulting from the hazards.
Our team has many years of experience in handling civil emergencies and can devise a robust emergency management strategy to handle any emergency if it occurs.

Traffic Management and Analysis

Improper traffic flow and congestion poses a great threat to VIP movements as bottle necks and busy areas can be a favorite target of terrorist.
To avoid such mishaps and ensure a smoother flow of traffic in towns/cities, our team can assist in traffic planning and its management by analyzing the current traffic systems and identifying the vulnerabilities and pitfalls related with it.
Our consultants can help in:

  • Traffic Congestion Control
  • Traffic Flow Management
  • Traffic Management during VIP Movement
  • Traffic Route Mapping
  • Demonstrate scheme design & visualization techniques of local TM schemes
  • Conducting on-street trials
  • Produce Good Practice Guide
  • Conduct road safety audits

Information Security

In an ever-increasing threat environment, Sentinel helps clients ensure that their systems and the information contained within those systems are protected from inside and outside threats
ISO 177991:2005 is the international standard code of practice for information security. All companies should at the very least consider adopting the code of practice specified in the standard as this provides a good comprehensive framework of the security controls that are required in today’s environment.
Of course, not all the measures specified in the code of practice will be relevant to every business and that’s where Sentinel’s consultancy services can help. It is critical to have the correct level and type of security that is relevant for your business and the risks it faces. However, having too little or the wrong type of security may well prove to be extremely expensive.
Our experts can conduct a ISO 17799:2005 Gap Analyses which will provide a snapshot of how the organization is aligned to the requirements of the international standard on security. By assessing where organizations are when compared against the framework, it is possible to identify areas of weakness.

Cyber Security

The globally-interconnected digital information and communications infrastructure known as “cyberspace” underpins almost every facet of modern society and provides critical support to the economy, civil infrastructure, public safety, and national security. Information technology has transformed the global economy and connected people and markets in ways never imagined. To realise the full benefits of the digital revolution, users must have confidence that sensitive information is secure, commerce is not compromised, and the infrastructure is not infiltrated. Nations also need confidence that the networks that support their national security and economic prosperity are safe and resilient. Achieving a trusted communications and information infrastructure will ensure that the country achieves the full potential of the information technology revolution.

Threats to cyberspace pose one of the most serious economic and national security challenges of the 21st Century for all nations. A growing array of state and non-state actors such as terrorists and international criminal groups target citizens, commerce, critical infrastructure, and government. These actors have the ability to compromise, steal, change, or completely destroy information. The continued exploitation of information networks and the compromise of sensitive data leave countries vulnerable to the loss of economic competitiveness and the loss of technological advantages. There is a growing connectivity between information systems, the Internet, and other infrastructures to create opportunities for attackers to disrupt telecommunications, electrical power, energy pipelines, refineries, financial networks, and other critical infrastructures. The intelligence communities around the world are beginning to assess other nation’s cyber threat potential as well the more conventional military threat. Research has already shown that a number of nations already have the technical capability to conduct such attacks.

Intelligent Building Management Systems

With our extensive international experience and the resources of high caliber partners, we can assist in establishing and pioneering state of the art building management methodologies for multiple fields. Our continuous improvement models enable us to deliver consistent, continuous and tangible benefits to customers by improved automation and operational excellence, which is measured directly in cost savings, better outputs and improved performance.

Project Management

We are ready to deliver the most complex projects, often under very tight timeframes. Our experience is well suited to the management of large scale projects, projects with multiple requirements, stakeholders, locations and contractors. We fulfill a variety of roles including owners and financier’s representative, consultancy advice, management of the procurement and tendering process, engineering design, project and construction management.
We can bring additional expertise to projects where and when it is required.

System Design, Development and Integration

Our expert with their proven track record in building design and architecture can assist in design and development of state of the art intelligent buildings and building management systems for Multiple Environments including commercial, residential to more sophisticated buildings e.g. residential complexes, High rise buildings/Towers, Malls, Technology Parks and Prisons.
We can assist in part of whole as per required.

Emergency Management

An intelligent building is incomplete and insecure without an Emergency management system. Given the use of sophisticated technology in intelligent buildings and the level of dependence on these, it is very critical to have a system in place which can take over in case of emergency. Our experts can work with your team to develop SOPs, Alternate methodologies etc. to prepare the management to address any emergency.
Our experts can provide their services to develop a simple emergency management procedure to a complete emergency management system both for your existing buildings or newly developed ones.

Risk Mitigation and Business Continuity

Through our contingency planning experts, we can guide and assist clients with their Business Continuity Plans (BCP) from inception to production and beyond. BCP ensures that you have a complete plan to recover from any disaster and your business will not suffer from any mishaps. Our experts can create a logical plan for your IBMS on how it will recover and restore partially or completely interrupted critical functions which can jeopardize building’s operation and sustainability.
Risk Mitigation (and business impact analysis) is fundamental to the process of ensuring a sound business continuity plan. Understanding the potential impacts of major disaster scenarios, and establishing the risks that could result in such scenarios, is the first major step to ensuring the plan meets the real needs of the organization. For this purpose we can review and analyze your existing Business continuity plans to ensure that they are up to date and cover all potential risks/exposures/disasters and threats. There plans will give you a guarantee that critical functions of the IBMS will recover within a predetermined time after a disaster or extended disruption.