Building Human Digital Resilience: eWorldwide Group and IEEE Advocate for Updated Regulations and Curriculum

eWorldwide Group, in cooperation with the IEEE, organized a webinar aimed at addressing the escalating risks in the digital world and fostering dialogue among regulators concerning online safety and regulations for children and young people. The discussion underscored the urgent need for regulations to keep pace with the ever-evolving digital landscape, and emphasised critical gaps in safeguarding and building digital resilience for the younger generation.

The summary report from the webinar, titled “The Evolving Role of Stakeholders to Build Holistic Digital Resilience to Safeguard Children and Young People in the Online World”, offers a comprehensive overview of the discussions held during the two sessions. It provides key insights into the urgent need for updating regulations and the importance of holistically updating the digital curriculum to address the challenges of the AI-driven digital world. The report also emphasizes the critical gaps in safeguarding and building digital resilience, underscoring the importance of integrating these efforts into educational systems worldwide.

At the heart of the discussion was the recognition that the digital curriculum urgently requires a holistic update. Not only should it encompass essential digital skills, but it must also include emerging technologies like AI, which play an increasingly significant role in shaping the digital environment. This comprehensive approach is necessary to equip children and young people with the tools and knowledge to navigate the digital realm safely.

“Updating the education curriculum is a critical area of safeguarding and building human digital resilience,” adds Prof. Abbasi. “eWorldwide has been championing this cause for the past three years in Malaysia, Rwanda, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the United Kingdom (UK). This needs to be expanded across all countries and formalized into the education system.”

With a commitment to child and youth safety online dating back to 2007, eWorldwide Group and Prof. Abbasi continue to lead this vital conversation. As the world becomes increasingly digital, it is crucial that we emphasize not only digital skills and literacy but also the ability and need for human digital resilience within the evolving AI world.

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