Sustainable, Secure and Inclusive Digital Resilience (DR)

Sustainable, Secure and Inclusive Digital Resilience (DR)

A clear lesson from the COVID-19 crisis is that it is not guaranteed that the future will become less disruptive new trends and shocks will continue to affect people’s lives, which is why resilience-building is more crucial than ever. The response to this unprecedented crisis demonstrates another clear lessonthe importance of digitalization and digital resilience as the world becomes more dependent on digital systems and technologies to cope, recover, adapt, and transform in this new reality.

A systematic review of national and organizational policies and strategies on digital resilience over the past decade reveals that their narrow focus on developing and protecting digital infrastructures, systems, data, and products from external threats such as cyberattacks and disasters, has been inadequate for responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The focus on the physical and technical aspects of digital resilience risks leaving out the human aspects,
particularly, in maximizing the opportunities of digital innovations to meet the diverse needs of communities and individuals, while minimizing the barriers and harms caused by these digital technologies on vulnerable and marginalized groups with limited resources and capabilities.

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