Universal Health Coverage & Prevention of Avoidable Deaths

Universal Health Coverage & Prevention of Avoidable Deaths

In 2019, the United Nations declared that access to universal health coverage should be a basic human right for every citizen in the world. Achieving this goal is challenging for many countries, especially those with limited infrastructure, equipment, or qualified clinical and medical staff. Digital technologies and telemedicine can help by amplifying resources through services such as virtual consultations, diagnostics and treatment.

For more than a decade, eWorldwide Group has helped to design and deliver a wide range of integrated health information systems, telemedicine and virtual health solutions specifically created to address this challenge, enabling proactive consultations and early diagnostics that ultimately reduce avoidable deaths. Through our multi-sector stakeholder engagement, advocacy and mobilisation, we ensure that solutions address grassroots challenges, particularly those that impact pregnant women, newborns and infants. Our innovative model integrates critical components such as access to nutritious food, hygiene, sanitation, access to clean drinking water and awareness of environmental impact to health in the context of infectious diseases.

Examples of Our Work

eWorldwide Group collaborated with WHO on AI for Disease Control.

Researched and presented current AI & Big Data gap analysis and risks: AI Regulations AI Policies Data governance Data protection Mental and physical health risks from technology and AIS

eWorldwide Group collaborated with IEEE on DR to Support Pandemic Preparedness.

Established 7 international working groups to collaboratively develop new guidelines, tool kits, standards and training material for assessments and certifications. Human Digital resilience – United Kingdom eHealth and Future Pandemic Resilience – South Korea Smart Logistics, Supply Chains and DPGs – Bangladesh Digital Identity – India Digital Economy and Financial Inclusion – Malaysia Resilient Education […]

Holistic School Health Initiative to Prevent Avoidable Deaths

Holistic School Health Initiative to Prevent Avoidable Deaths (PADID), Kaduna State, Nigeria

Working with Kaduna State Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education to design, build and implement a holistic school health initiative to proactively raise awareness of infectious diseases to build resilience for students, mothers, and teachers. This model created a robust integrated system that provides access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, recycling water […]

Integrated Telemedicine Pilot Project, Sindh, Pakistan

eWorldwide Group signs MoU with Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC), Dr. Rashid Jumma; Professor of Neurosurgery, to design and deploy a telemedicine project connecting JPMC Karachi to a primary healthcare centre in rural Sindh to provide greater access for women to healthcare services to reduce avoidable deaths.  Prof. Abbasi and Dr Jumma sharing the findings […]


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