Future Pandemic Preparedness and Resilience

Future Pandemic Preparedness and Resilience

Crises and shocks like the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to disrupt our lives due to future infectious disease outbreaks, extreme climate events, increasing trade tensions and complex geopolitics, which is why resilience building is more crucial than ever. If countries address each new crisis as it arises, we will again have a similar disjointed response and face similar disruptions, undermining development gains, with severe implications on children’s learning outcomes, mental and physical health, and future employability.

As countries move towards “building forward better” from the COVID-19 pandemic, holistic preparedness and resilience that incorporate technical, human capacity, economic and social components will be critical in strengthening communities and countries against future shocks and crises. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, eWorldwide Group has been taking the lead in developing global frameworks and standards for pandemic preparedness and resilience in collaboration with standards organizations, governments, the private sector and civil society to address the multitude of complex and interrelated challenges in a holistic manner.

Examples of Our Work

Publication - Digital Resilience Framerwork

Foundational Principles for Digital Resilience Framework

Holistic digital resilience helps individuals, organizations, communities, and nations recognize and effectively manage the wide variety of risks emanating from natural disasters and extreme climate events, health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, and online threats. A clear lesson from COVID-19 is that the future will continue to be disruptivenew trends and shocks willcontinue to affect […]

Publication - Sustainable Digital Resilience

Sustainable, Secure and Inclusive Digital Resilience (DR)

A clear lesson from the COVID-19 crisis is that it is not guaranteed that the future will become less disruptive new trends and shocks will continue to affect people’s lives, which is why resilience-building is more crucial than ever. The response to this unprecedented crisis demonstrates another clear lessonthe importance of digitalization and digital resilience […]

Webinar -- Building Digital Resilience for COVID-19 Pandemic Response and Recovery

Partnering with the IEEE to build global digital resilience to support the Pandemic Response and Mitigation efforts

eWorldwide Group is delighted to join hands with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) to design and deliver a series of vital interactive webinars with key multi-sector stakeholders to fast-track lessons learnt and knowledge exchange to ‘Build Holistic Digital Resilience to support COVID-19 Response, Mitigation and Recovery’ efforts A link to the webinar series […]

IEEE Webinar "Technology, Equality and Equity for Global Vaccination Certificates and Passports"

Prof. Salma Abbasi leads IEEE webinar, “Technology, Equality and Equity for Global Vaccination Certificates and Passports”

Professor Salma Abbasi will set the stage for a series of panel discussions, and provide recommendations and a way forward at the IEEE “Technology, Equality and Equity for Global Vaccination Certificates and Passports” webinar. The goal of this webinar is to create a platform for dialogue and knowledge exchange. The focus is to develop a […]

eWorldwide Group collaborated with WHO on AI for Disease Control.

Researched and presented current AI & Big Data gap analysis and risks: AI Regulations AI Policies Data governance Data protection Mental and physical health risks from technology and AIS

eWorldwide Group collaborated with IEEE on DR to Support Pandemic Preparedness.

Established 7 international working groups to collaboratively develop new guidelines, tool kits, standards and training material for assessments and certifications. Human Digital resilience – United Kingdom eHealth and Future Pandemic Resilience – South Korea Smart Logistics, Supply Chains and DPGs – Bangladesh Digital Identity – India Digital Economy and Financial Inclusion – Malaysia Resilient Education […]

Establishment of an Infectious Disease Control Centre (IDCC) and training of all key healthcare workers. Kaduna State, Nigeria.

  Working with Kaduna State Ministry of Health, WHO Nigeria and other stakeholders to develop a state-wide strategic plan to fast-track capability and capacity to respond to the Ebola outbreak in 2015. Trained over 25,000 frontline workers from various government agencies and community leaders to drive awareness of the prevention and spread of Ebola across […]


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