Holistic Gender and Youth Empowerment; Constructive Engagement, Equality, Equity and Rights

Holistic Gender and Youth Empowerment; Constructive Engagement, Equality, Equity and Rights

There have been decades of debate and policy reforms focused on the importance of gender empowerment, but there is still much work to be done in terms of equality, equity and rights.

Furthermore, in many emerging economies, youth represent a majority of the population and they face a broad range of challenges, but governments have been slow to deliver youth-targeted policy reforms. Our holistic approach to gender and youth empowerment focuses on building confidence, capacity and skills. We couple this with programmes to improve awareness in local communities of the essential role that constructive engagement with women and youth can bring.

We create safe spaces for Global Youth engagement to jointly reform policies and define relevant, localised and impactful interventions to support secure and sustainable communities.

We have developed and reformed policies that are cross-cutting and based on local context, with an appreciation of the non-homogeneous nature of social, cultural and traditional barriers.

We believe empowerment is the foundation for sustainable, united and safe communities. We seek to encourage it in all of its forms, including personal, social, economic, digital, religious and community empowerment. We achieve empowerment through multi-sector stakeholder engagement, advocacy and mobilisation, policy reforms, standards and compliance, and capacity building and right skilling for the “Future of Work”.

Examples of Our Work

Thoughts on Environmental Social Governance and the SDGs

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) has the potential to provide targeted investment to end poverty at the grass roots and drive inclusive sustainable economic recovery, however focus is needed to support ‘social enterprises’ addressing local needs, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Image of Digital Youth publication

Multi-dimensional Challenges Facing Digital Youth and their Consequences

The Internet continues to be a dynamic and incredibly powerful source of information with almost limitless capabilities for improving access to knowledge and connecting people around the world. It is also seen as a solution to addressing many social development issues by providing access to healthcare, remote learning opportunities, access to e-government services and innovative […]

Integrated Telemedicine Pilot Project, Sindh, Pakistan

eWorldwide Group signs MoU with Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC), Dr. Rashid Jumma; Professor of Neurosurgery, to design and deploy a telemedicine project connecting JPMC Karachi to a primary healthcare centre in rural Sindh to provide greater access for women to healthcare services to reduce avoidable deaths.  Prof. Abbasi and Dr Jumma sharing the findings […]


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